Published Books

Frick, L., Trafford, V.N. and Fourie-Malherbe, M. (Eds)  2016.  Being scholarly: a Festschrift in honour of the work of Eli. M. Bitzer. Stellenbosch: SUN Media.

Trafford, V.N. and Leshem, S.2008. Stepping stones to achieving your doctorate by focusing on your viva from the start. Maidenhead: Open University Press. ISBN 13-978-0335-22543-9. Reprinted almost annually since 2010.

Sanger, J., Schratz, M. and Trafford, V.N. (Eds.) 2004: The pied piper: an only book of research essays. Chelmsford: Earlybrave. ISBN 1-900-432-54-4.

Kroath, F. and Trafford, V.N. (Eds.) 2002: A conference tells its story. Chelmsford: Earlybrave. ISBN1-900-432-40-4.

Trafford, V.N. 2001: An unravelling of research methodology. Chelmsford: Earlybrave.ISBN 1-900-432-22-6.

Stott, K. and Trafford, V. 2000: Partnerships: shaping the future of education. London: Middlesex University Press. ISBN 1-898253-28-5.

Saran, R. and Trafford, V.N. (Eds.) 1990: Research in education management and policy: retrospect and prospect. London: Falmer. ISBN 1-85000-727-6.

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