A love affair with learning

From an early age I wanted to teach. After some years in public service and business, I gained two degrees, in political science and public administration, at Liverpool University. Due to time spent on international consultancies, plus converting a research project into a book, it took me nine years to complete my part-time Ph.D. at Southampton University where lecturing at postgraduate degree level and on professional qualifications in three Polytechnics preceded my recent retirement from Anglia Ruskin University. I am now Professor Emeritus.

Co-directing a major educational and managerial development project for the British Council, in India, was the foundation for my subsequent national and international consultancies. During that time working with clients and counterpart-colleagues in different cultures exposed me to a variety of social philosophies, academic disciplines and approaches to research. This very immediate, and quite direct, form of ‘learning-on-the-job’ was an excellent apprenticeship for my substantial roles as a supervisor and examiner of post-graduate research.

Just thinking ~ at Mieza, in 2006, where Aristotle tutored Alexander the Great

My view that the research is generic evolved through supervising over one hundred masters dissertations (MA, M.Sc, and MBA) and 66 doctoral degrees (DBA, Ed.D., Ph.D. and Pr.D) across numerous disciplines. My external examinerships include Masters and Doctorates in the UK and internationally.

I have been fortunate that involvement with the good practices of others has helped me to develop professionally and academically. The result of this is that my research and publications display multi-disciplinary approaches, models and forms of analysis. It is now an integral part of my professional work and philosophy.

I wish you every success with your own research and path of educational exploration, wherever it may lead you. The journey, it has been said, is as important as the destination. What we learn along the way changes us and shapes us. It is in this way that academic thought and received wisdom advances.

I wonder where your own journey will lead?

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