International Consultancy & Workshops

Keynote presentation at the Training of Trainers Conference, Technical Teacher Training and Research Institute, Bhopal, India, 1990

Since 2010 I have conducted a series of doctoral workshops for candidates and supervisors for Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University at Port Elizabeth, North West University at Potchefstroom, Stellenbosh University and the University of South Africa at Pretoria, many of which were jointly presented with Professor Shosh Leshem. 

2012: Making thinking visible in doctoral theses. Austrian Educational Competence Centres, University of Vienna, Austria.

2010, 2011: A series of workshops for doctoral candidates and supervisors. Waterford Institute of Technology, Republic of Ireland.

2010: The nature of doctorateness: implications for candidates and supervisors.  University of Namibia, Windhoek.

2010: University of Tartu, Estonia. Three workshops for doctoral supervisors and candidates.

2009: Lund University, Sweden. Workshops on the theme of doctorateness for doctoral supervisors and doctoral candidates.

2006, 2009, 2010: University of Aalborg, Denmark. Workshops on the theme of doctoratness for doctoral supervisors.

2004: World Maritime University, Mälmo, Sweden. Designing and developing an international professional doctorate programme plus the supervisory capacity for its presentation and conduct.

1999:Tempus Project, European Commission. Evaluating the teaching and delivery of public administration programmes at three Universities in Bulgaria.

1998: Columbus Project, UK-South American University Exchange, Brazil. Institutional research collaboration by South American and European Universities.

1997 to 2008: Anglia Ruskin University-AD ATID Lekidum, Limited, Haifa Israel. Joint designer, presenter and supervisor of a Part-time Ph.D. programme with 125 completions.

1994-96: UNICEF, Educational development projects in Maldives.

1993: International Development Association, Washington, DC. Designing/developing a coordinating system for technician education in Yemen.

1988 – 1995: The World Bank. Education development assignments for institution building in Yemen and USA.

1976 – 1980: OECD. Higher education institutional management projects for Universities and national governments in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, and Sweden.

1977: UNESCO, Bangkok. Case studies on institutional capacity building.

1975 -1984: British Council. Education management development projects in India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

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